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30 Oct 2017 Memo to Infosys: Stop squabbling with Murthy and get back to work ASAP Quartz
26 Oct 2017 With A Clean Chit, Infosys Seeks To Put Panaya Acquisition Row To Rest Swarajya
26 Oct 2017 Infosys seeks to put Panaya acquisition row to rest with clean chit Live Mint
25 Oct 2017 Delayed AGMs likely a pointer to poor results, says IiAS Business Line
25 Oct 2017 Later the AGM in a fiscal, weaker the performance of a company: IiAS The Economic Times
25 Oct 2017 Pressing ahead for change Business Standard
24 Oct 2017 Inside N. Chandrasekaran’s ‘One Tata’ plan, a year after Cyrus Mistry’s ouster Live Mint
16 Oct 2017 Indian governance push aims to empower independent directors The Financial Times
10 Oct 2017 No Independent Director at 40% of NSE companies The Economic Times
09 Oct 2017 Enhanced governance likely to help deepen bond markets The Economic Times
09 Oct 2017 Enhanced governance likely to help deepen bond markets The Economic Times
07 Oct 2017 Stewardship code to nudge institutional shareholders to turn active Business Standard
06 Oct 2017 India Inc gets a governance push from Kotak panel Business Standard
05 Oct 2017 SEBI's corporate governance panel suggests additional responsibilities on audit committees Money Control
01 Oct 2017 The Green Shoots Of Activism Fortune India
30 Sep 2017 SEBI issues new guidelines for loan defaulters News Release India
30 Sep 2017 Loan defaults: Companies get a breather from Sebi Live Mint
28 Sep 2017 Proxy firms split on DLF Cyber City deal Business Standard
28 Sep 2017 Institutional Activism Grows At Shareholder Meetings The Quint
27 Sep 2017 Take note, investors, your company may plot to keep you out of AGM The Economic Times
22 Sep 2017 Minority investors rush to be part of cos’ mgmt The Times Of India
22 Sep 2017 Bharti Airtel shareholders, creditors vote in favour of Telenor deal DNA
21 Sep 2017 Proxy firms divided on Airtel-Telenor deal DNA
19 Sep 2017 IiAS supports Airtel-Telenor merger The Economic Times
18 Sep 2017 Minority Shareholder In PTC India Seeks Board Seat And Better Use Of Cash Bloomberg Quint
15 Sep 2017 Tata Sons’ plan to go private seen as a blow to Mistry Live Mint
06 Sep 2017 LIC reduces stake in Raymond by 2.01% Money Control
01 Sep 2017 ‘With Murthy’s concall, all governance issues now put to rest’: IiAS The Economic Times
30 Aug 2017 Evolving board diversity in India Chartered Insurance Institute
26 Aug 2017 Undue reverence for company founders harms Indian firms The Economist
24 Aug 2017 Co-founders to decide on Nilekani's return to Infy: Ex-CFO Pai Money Control
24 Aug 2017 Nandan Nilekani returns to Infosys after chairman, co-chairman resig India Today
24 Aug 2017 Infy jumps 3% on buzz of Nilekani's return at IT major Outlook
24 Aug 2017 ICICI, HDFC, Reliance funds pitch for Nilekani return to Infosys Deccan Chronicle
24 Aug 2017 MFs want Nandan Nilekani back at Infosys in ‘suitable capacity’ The Indian Express
24 Aug 2017 Infosys taps former chief Nandan Nilekani as chairman The Financial Times
23 Aug 2017 Fund managers pitch for Nandan Nilekani's return to Infosys The Economic Times
23 Aug 2017 Opinion|If Infosys Is India's Apple, Nandan Nilekani is Our Steve Jobs News18
23 Aug 2017 Infy voting pattern reveals promoters not in sync with each other: IiAS Business Line
23 Aug 2017 Narayana Murthy's criticism not that of entire Infosys promoter group: IiAS The Economic Times
23 Aug 2017 'Murthy's criticism not that of entire Infosys promoter group' DNA
23 Aug 2017 Did All Founders Share Murthy’s View On Infosys Board? Bloomberg Quint
23 Aug 2017 Infosys after Vishal Sikka's exit: Why Nandan Nilekani can make a comeback as Infosys CEO Business Today
23 Aug 2017 nfosys: Not all promoters likely to be in sync with Narayana Murthy's criticism, says advisory firm FirstPost
23 Aug 2017 'N R Narayana Murthy's Criticism Not That of Entire Infosys Promoter Group' News18
23 Aug 2017 Nandan Nilekani Likely to Return to Infosys, Role to be 'Cleared' in 48 Hours News18
23 Aug 2017 V Balakrishnan bats for Nilekani as chairman of Infosys Money Control
23 Aug 2017 From new CEO search to fall in stock prices: Key developments at Infosys after Vishal Sikka's resignation Business Today
23 Aug 2017 Not all Infosys promoters support Murthy's criticism of management: IiAS Business Standard
21 Aug 2017 Understanding the debate around ‘compassionate capitalism’ The Indian Express
21 Aug 2017 Infosys announces share buyback: Here's how experts view it Money Control
20 Aug 2017 Narayana Murthy's Scrutiny May Complicate Search For Infosys CEO: Proxy Advisory Firm NDTV Profit
20 Aug 2017 NR Narayana Murthy's shadow to loom large over search for Infosys CEO The Economic Times
19 Aug 2017 Infosys needs Nandan Nilekani for repair job: Proxy firms Business Standard
19 Aug 2017 Infosys casts shadow over India stocks Gulf News
18 Aug 2017 Bring back Nilekani as Infosys chairman, says advisory firm Deccan Chronicle
18 Aug 2017 It’s Time Infosys Roped In Nandan Nilekani, Says Proxy Advisory Firm IiAS Bloomberg Quint
18 Aug 2017 Vishal Sikka exit revives promoter vs outsider debate for Infosys CEO post Live Mint
18 Aug 2017 Infosys could have done more on disclosures: Proxy advisory firms Live Mint
11 Aug 2017 Gautam Singhania committed to being a responsible son, but... Sify Finance
10 Aug 2017 Indian companies challenge regulator’s shell label Financial Times
10 Aug 2017 Legal experts split hairs on definition of shell companies Business Standard
10 Aug 2017 ‘Broke’ Vijayapat Singhania fighting son – Bad parenting or bad karma? Sify Finance
09 Aug 2017 Shell shock: Sebi action penalised investors more than companies, says Amit Tandon, IIAS The Economic Times
08 Aug 2017 Sebi circular on shell companies: Don’t indulge in fire sale, advises Amit Tandon, IIAS The Economic Times
08 Aug 2017 ‘Shell’ Shocked Companies Consider Response To Sudden SEBI Freezing Of Shares Bloomberg Quint
07 Aug 2017 The Church of England Takes on Climate Change—and Generates a 17 Percent Return Bloomberg Quint
30 Jul 2017 Shareholder activism at Alembic Pharma: Issue unlikely to die in a hurry Business Standard
28 Jul 2017 Alembic rejects small shareholders' request for seat on Board Money Control
25 Jul 2017 Small shareholders demand seat at Alembic board Business Standards
25 Jul 2017 Alembic minority shareholders seek seat on company board Live Mint
12 Jul 2017 Promoters look to stay close as firms begin insolvency process Live Mint
07 Jul 2017 India Finds Reform But Not Reformers Bloomberg Quint
06 Jul 2017 Vote against ITC's decision to pay Yogesh Deveshwar, IiAS tells shareholders Zee Business
06 Jul 2017 ITC: IiAS questions ?12.7-cr pay for non-executive head Business Line
20 Jun 2017 What Next For JK house ET Panache
20 Jun 2017 Is cyber security on your board's agenda? Business Standard
18 Jun 2017 IiAS asks SEBI to investigate Vascon role in CCD issue IIFL
17 Jun 2017 Tata Sons to buy Tata Steel's Rs 3,800-cr holding in Tata Motors Business Standard
16 Jun 2017 Quest to Save Essar: As debt hits Rs 1.38 lakh crore, Ruias look to recast group Business Today
14 Jun 2017 Is the Situation for Women in Corporate Spaces Improving in India? A New Study Seems to Think So The Ladies Finger
14 Jun 2017 Raymond cracks nearly 4% post SEBI enquiry on corporate governance lapses Money Control
13 Jun 2017 SEBI initiates preliminary enquiry against Raymond over corporate governance lapses Money Control
12 Jun 2017 Sebi seeks changes in Companies Act; independent directors’ ouster may get tougher now Economic Times
10 Jun 2017 Infosys AGM set for rough ride over reports of founders’ exit Economic Times
09 Jun 2017 Indian Companies Turn Generous, Step Up Dividend Payout Bloomberg Quint
09 Jun 2017 Transparent dividend policy boosts payout to shareholders: IiAS Business Line
09 Jun 2017 15 companies to pay higher dividend: Report India Today
09 Jun 2017 This year, 15 companies will give more dividends to their investors, too many caches. India TV Paisa
09 Jun 2017 15 companies to pay higher dividend: Report Economic Times
08 Jun 2017 Infosys drops $20 billion revenue target, forms advisory panel for CEO Vishal Sikka The decisions on revenue target and advisory panel for Vishal Sikka seen as steps taken by Infosys board Live Mint
06 Jun 2017 Raymond shareholders reject sale of JK House to promoter Singhania family Live Mint
05 Jun 2017 Raymond’s resolution for sale of luxury flats roundly rejected The Business Line
05 Jun 2017 Raymond vote: Singhania family not to get JK House The Hindu
05 Jun 2017 Rating agencies defend ‘delay’ in downgrading RCom The Business Line
05 Jun 2017 JK house in a soup again: 5 controversies that haunted the Singhania Family The Free Press Journal
03 Jun 2017 Warm-Up Over, N Chandrasekaran’s Marathon Begins... Bloombergquint
03 Jun 2017 New design in Raymond yarn The Telegraph
03 Jun 2017 Singhania against sale of JK House The Hindu
03 Jun 2017 IiAS Questions Gautam Singhania’s Attempt To Distance Himself From JK House Sale Bloombergquint
03 Jun 2017 JK House deal: Proxy advisor IiAS questions CMD Gautam Singhania's role Business Standard
03 Jun 2017 Raymond CMD urges shareholders to vote against JK House sale at AGM Live Mint
03 Jun 2017 Against sale of JK House to Raymond promoters: CMD Gautam Singhania The Economic Times
02 Jun 2017 Raymond deal: Singhania ‘abdicating’ responsibility Business Line
02 Jun 2017 Say no to sale of Raymond apartments to promoters: CMD tells shareholders Business Line
02 Jun 2017 'Against sale of JK House to Raymond promoters' PTI News
02 Jun 2017 K House Sale Will Hurt Shareholders, Says Raymond’s Gautam Singhania Bloombergquint
02 Jun 2017 Against sale of JK House to Raymond promoters: Gautam Hari Singhania Money Control
31 May 2017 Investors flag concerns over Reliance Communications’ silence Financial Times
27 May 2017 Raymond faces flak over JK House sale Mumbai Mirror
26 May 2017 Will protect investor interest on JK House The Hindu
26 May 2017 A South Mumbai house is going at 90% discount Sadly you cant buy it Business Today
26 May 2017 IiAS report on JK House sale incorrect- Raymond Outlook
26 May 2017 Raymond stock plunges 9*8% over property sale to promoters Financial Express
26 May 2017 Raymond stares at Rs 650­cr loss as Singhanias fight over JK House Business Standard
26 May 2017 Advisory firm warns against Raymonds real estate deal - The Economic Times The EconomicTimes
26 May 2017 Raymond shares see huge selling tank 10% on land deal concerns Free Press Journal
26 May 2017 IiAS red flags Raymond promoters move to acquire property The Times of India Business
26 May 2017 जेके हाउस प्रमोटरों के हाथ बेचने से शेयरधारकों को 90% की लॉस Navbharat Times
26 May 2017 जेके हाउस को बेचने के लिए रेमंड को होगा 650 करोड़ रुपये का नुकसान, IiAS ने दी चेतावनी India TV Paisa
26 May 2017 Raymond faces flak over property sale plan to members of promoter Singhania family Live Mint
25 May 2017 Raymond Drops After IiAS Says Proposed Land Deal Will Hurt Shareholders Bloombergquint
25 May 2017 IiAS slams Raymonds bid to sell JK House to promoters at throwaway price Business Standard
25 May 2017 IiAS asks shareholders to vote against Raymonds proposal to sell premium property at throwaway price to Singhania family Money Life
25 May 2017 IiAS red flags Raymond promoters move to acquire property Business Line
25 May 2017 Raymond shares see huge selling tank 10% on land deal concerns _ Zee News Zee News
25 May 2017 Raymond tanks 10% on land deal concerns The EconomicTimes
25 May 2017 Raymond land deal _ Proposed land deal haunts Raymond Stock tanks 10% IIFL
25 May 2017 Raymonds property sale- Investor body IiAS raises red flag Money Control
25 May 2017 Proxy advisory firm warns against Raymonds proposed real estate sale Live Mint
25 May 2017 If shareholders dont object will consider class action suit against Raymond independent directors- Anil Singhvi IIAS The EconomicTimes
24 May 2017 Infy adopts new charter to tackle shareholder concerns The Times of India Business
30 Apr 2017 How much control could the government exert in private sector entities? The EconomicTimes
24 Apr 2017 Why India's tough stand on H1-B visas may remain on paper Business Standard
20 Apr 2017 With Venkatesan as co chairman Infosys to face coleadership challenges Business Standard
15 Apr 2017 Proxy firms lock horns over Crisil Esops Business Standard
14 Apr 2017 Infy’s investors see little to cheer in Rs 13kcr buyback plan guidance ET Tech
14 Apr 2017 In partial victory for Murthy Infosys appoints Venkatesan co-chair The Times of India Business
14 Apr 2017 Twin measures to douse criticism The Telegraph
13 Apr 2017 Infosys: Will Two Chairmen Double Leadership Or Confusion? Bloombergquint
13 Apr 2017 Infosys seeks to buy peace with new co-chairman, Rs13,000 crore payout promise Live Mint
07 Apr 2017 Grasim shareholders clear Nuvo merger Business Standard
31 Mar 2017 Shut up You Small Shareholders Money Life
29 Mar 2017 Royalty payments by MNCs outpace performance_ Report - Times of India The Times of India
28 Mar 2017 IiAS seeks greater clarity on basis for royalty payouts Business Line
28 Mar 2017 Royalty alert for MNCs The Telegraph
28 Mar 2017 Royalty payments by MNCs without increase in profits a concern say experts The EconomicTimes
28 Mar 2017 32 listed cos paid Rs 7100 cr royalty in FY16 India Today
26 Mar 2017 Aditya Birla Group mixes services into its portfolio The EconomicTimes
24 Mar 2017 Proposal for IiAS Services_March2017 The Times of India
24 Mar 2017 Merger terms favour Idea in big way: Advisory firm The Times of India
23 Mar 2017 Vodafone-Idea deal favours AVBirla group: IiAS Business Line
23 Mar 2017 Idea merger deal 'short-changed' Vodafone Plc shareholders: IiAS Money Control
22 Mar 2017 Birla Group benefited more due to merger with Vodafone: IiAS The EconomicTimes
19 Mar 2017 Doing good, while doing business Concord Register
16 Mar 2017 Top 100 listed companies increase their CSR spend by 25 per cent: IiAS The EconomicTimes
10 Mar 2017 Around 30% of top 100 firms had better disclosures on board evaluation in FY16: study Live Mint
09 Mar 2017 Only 5 of NSE100 firms have disclosed result of board evaluation: IiAS-NSE research The Economic Times
06 Mar 2017 India to draft rules for institutional investors voting on company matters Live Mint
06 Mar 2017 As Kumar Mangalam Birla tightens grip via consolidations, Pilani Investment makes hay Daily News & Analysis (DNA)
06 Mar 2017 Hathway Cable & Triveni Engineering provided scanty information to shareholders: IiAS The Economic Times
01 Mar 2017 IiAS develops audit quality indicators Business Line
01 Mar 2017 Who will audit the auditors asks IiAS in a research report The Economic Times
26 Feb 2017 Amit Tandon: A way out of the cash hoarding problem Business Standard
24 Feb 2017 How top funds voted in big corporate decisions Business Line
23 Feb 2017 88 listed cos can pay dividends totalling Rs 27,600 cr: IiAS Business Line
23 Feb 2017 88 listed cos can pay dividends totalling Rs 27,600 cr: Report Money Control
22 Feb 2017 N. Chandrasekaran outlines his ambitions for Tata Sons, seeks to fix core issues Live Mint
22 Feb 2017 88 listed cos can pay dividends totalling Rs 27,600 cr: Report Outlook India
22 Feb 2017 88 listed cos can pay dividends totalling Rs 27,600 cr: Report India Today
22 Feb 2017 Companies can provide more dividends: Study The Asian Age
22 Feb 2017 88 companies can pay additional Rs 27,600 crore in dividends The Financial Express
22 Feb 2017 88 listed cos can pay dividends totalling Rs 27,600 cr: Report The Times Of India
22 Feb 2017 Dividends Or Buyback: How Should Companies Share Rs 25,000-Crore Surplus Cash? Bloomberg Quint
21 Feb 2017 Allegations and losses: Tata Sons’ Chandrasekaran has a lot to clean up Hindustan Times
21 Feb 2017 Challenges That N Chandrasekaran Takes On As The New Tata Sons Chief Bloomberg Quint
16 Feb 2017 Tata in turmoil: the battle inside India’s biggest business Financial Times
15 Feb 2017 Infosys corporate governance began slipping pre-Sikka: IiAS Money Control
14 Feb 2017 Proxy cos say no serious governance issues at Infy The Times Of India
14 Feb 2017 Infosys rejects founder’s claims of corporate governance failings Financial Times
13 Feb 2017 Infosys no longer bellwether of corporate governance: Why founders must share the blame FirstPost
13 Feb 2017 Infosys founders have support of some old guard The Economic Times
12 Feb 2017 Infosys is no longer the bellwether of corporate governance Business Standard
11 Feb 2017 Clash of culture or governance: Proxy firms divided The Indian Express
10 Feb 2017 Why Infosys Founders, Board Are At Loggerheads Bloomberg Quint
09 Feb 2017 Vijay Mallya rejects formal plea to quit United Breweries Financial Times
08 Feb 2017 Infosys founders raise governance concerns with board : Sources Money Control
07 Feb 2017 Tata Sons ousts director Cyrus Mistry The Asian Age
07 Feb 2017 Seeking ‘independent’ directors The Indian Express
07 Feb 2017 Tata Sons ousts director Cyrus Mistry The Asian Age
03 Feb 2017 Vikram Limaye named as the new head of NSE, sources say Forbes India
03 Feb 2017 Passive to Active TurkTalk
02 Feb 2017 Vikram Limaye's cricket role not good for IDFC Business Standard
24 Jan 2017 Half of BSE 500 companies have to rotate auditors in April 2017 Money Control
24 Jan 2017 ‘Companies with weak performance tend to delay AGMs’ The Financial Express
24 Jan 2017 You can tell an Indian firm is struggling by when it hosts its shareholder meeting Quartz India
24 Jan 2017 India: Heralding Shareholder Activism In India Mondaq
23 Jan 2017 IFC's Indian Corporate Governance Scorecard Forbes India
23 Jan 2017 Sebi plans changes to norms for key board decisions, disclosures Live Mint
23 Jan 2017 Half of BSE 500 cos have to rotate auditors in April 2017 India Today
16 Jan 2017 Tata Sons may beef up control of group firms Business Standard
14 Jan 2017 N. Chandrasekaran must improve dividend payout to Tata Trusts: V.R. Mehta Live Mint
13 Jan 2017 Tata names new chairman to steady ship after turbulent period Financial Times
13 Jan 2017 Chandra as chairman: Tata Group needs a structure that transcends people Business Standard
09 Jan 2017 Boardroom to courtroom: The argument continues Forbes India
06 Jan 2017 Tata Sons’ Feb 6 EGM to seal Mistry’s fate Business Line
05 Jan 2017 Final EGM in February to oust Cyrus Mistry from Tata Sons board Business Standard
30 Dec 2016 Tata-Mistry tiff to empower directors The Asian Age
29 Dec 2016 ‘Yes’ no more a default voting option, reveals IiAS study Business Line
29 Dec 2016 Lessons from Tata-Mistry battle: Shareholders want strong independent directors Hindustan Times
29 Dec 2016 Inde: le géant Tata règle ses affaires de famille Liberation
29 Dec 2016 Ugliness ahead as Cyrus Mistry takes India's Tata Sons to court Nikkei
28 Dec 2016 Amit Tandon: The case for an Indian stewardship code Business Standard
27 Dec 2016 Tata vs Mistry fallout: Opinion divided on whether Tata group needs restructuring Live Mint
26 Dec 2016 Auto firms' cash reserves zoom to Rs 46,000 crore on rising profit Business Standard
22 Dec 2016 Cyrus Mistry sought to define roles of Tata entities in governance document Live Mint
21 Dec 2016 Veto for Tata trustees should go, says IiAS Business Standard
20 Dec 2016 Focus now on Wadia The Telegraph
20 Dec 2016 Mistry's resignation must be read as a new beginning: IiAS Indian Express
20 Dec 2016 'Cyrus Mistry's resignation must be read as a new beginning' The Economic Times
20 Dec 2016 Cyrus Mistry asks tribunal to replace Tata Sons board Financial Times
20 Dec 2016 Cyrus Mistry takes a step back in battle but the Tatas should focus on the issues he raised FirstPost
19 Dec 2016 Proxy advisory services firm revises recommendation after Wadia suit The Free Press Journal
19 Dec 2016 Tata-Mistry battle: What next? BTVi
19 Dec 2016 Proxy Advisory Firm Revises Recommendation After Nusli Wadia Suit NDTV Profit
19 Dec 2016 Tatas drum up support in do-or-die week DNA
19 Dec 2016 Mistry to continue fight for corporate governance say experts The Hindu
19 Dec 2016 Four EGMs & road ahead for Cyrus The Telegraph
19 Dec 2016 Proxy advisory firm changes stance, asks for removal of Nusli Wadia due to 'antagonist relation' DNA
18 Dec 2016 After defamation suit, proxy advisory firm supports Nusli Wadia’s removal Hindustan Times
18 Dec 2016 Ratan Tata vs Cyrus Mistry: Proxy advisory firm revises recommendation after Nusli Wadia suit The Financial Express
18 Dec 2016 Proxy advisory firm revises recommendation after Wadia suit The Indian Express
18 Dec 2016 Proxy advisory firm revises recommendation after Wadia suit India Today
18 Dec 2016 Tata vs Mistry: Proxy advisory firm revises recommendation after Nusli Wadia suit The Echo of India
18 Dec 2016 Proxy advisory firm revises recommendation after Wadia suit Deccan Chronicle
17 Dec 2016 Support Nusli Wadia's removal; IIAS changes advice to shareholders Business Standard
16 Dec 2016 Ratan Tata prepares for handover at Tata Trusts Financial Times
14 Dec 2016 Voting pattern of TCS reflects conversation on Street: IIAS CNBC-TV18
13 Dec 2016 Ratan Tata vs Cyrus Mistry: Why all eyes are now on EGMs The EconomicTimes
13 Dec 2016 Tata-Mistry battle: At TCS EGM today, Cyrus' fate may be already sealed. Here's why FIRSTPOST
13 Dec 2016 Possible scenarios for Tata Sons, Mistry as shareholders begin to vote from today Live Mint
13 Dec 2016 Mistry loses round one of battle with Tatas Business Standard
13 Dec 2016 Cyrus Mistry ousted from Tata Industries; ejection from TCS hangs fire The Financial Express
12 Dec 2016 Mistry’s Tata allegations spark official probe of AirAsia India The Financial Times
12 Dec 2016 Spotlight on small shareholders; TCS to hold first EGM The EconomicTimes
12 Dec 2016 EGM battle: Tata Industries removes Cyrus Mistry as director Business Standard
09 Dec 2016 Proxy companies torn on Tata and Mistry Daily News & Analysis (DNA)
08 Dec 2016 Tata Sons plans EGM to expel Cyrus Mistry as director The EconomicTimes
06 Dec 2016 TataCyrus spat: Trusts’ work exemplary but may need to redefine relation with group cos FIRSTPOST
05 Dec 2016 IRDAI tightens non-compete fee rules for M&As The Times of India
01 Dec 2016 IiaS seeks Cyrus Mistry sacking from TCS, asks for shareholders’ support The Financial Express
01 Dec 2016 IiAS favours removal of Cyrus Mistry from TCS board The Asian Age
01 Dec 2016 2 proxy firms back Mistry’s removal from TCS, 1 against The Times of India
30 Nov 2016 IiAs recommends shareholders to vote in favour of Cyrus Mistry’s removal from TCS Live Mint
30 Nov 2016 IiAS wants TCS shareholders to vote for Cyrus Mistry removal Business Line
30 Nov 2016 Support for Mistry removal The Telegraph
30 Nov 2016 Power to select Ratan Tata’s successor lies with 20 trustees The Times of India
29 Nov 2016 Amit Tandon: The message in India's static ranking Business Standard
28 Nov 2016 Tata Sons reaches out to more shareholders as EGMs approach Business Standard
28 Nov 2016 Cyrus Mistry didn’t appoint majority of independent directors in Tata group firms Live Mint
24 Nov 2016 Mistry’s comments on proposal of TCS sale to IBM incorrect: FC Kohli Live Mint
23 Nov 2016 Wadia and Tata: What went wrong? Live Mint
22 Nov 2016 TATA's Ugly Leadership Fight Drags On The Wall Street Journal
21 Nov 2016 Tata vs Mistry: Proxy firm SES questioned independence of Wadia, Parekh last year Business Standard
20 Nov 2016 Explained: Independent Directors On Company Boards And Their Role In The Organisatio Swarajya
18 Nov 2016 Are Tata group independent directors doing justice to their role? Live Mint
16 Nov 2016 Is Tata Sons right in seeking Nusli Wadia’s expulsion? Live Mint
16 Nov 2016 Proxy advisory firms: ‘Controlling shareholders removing independent directors undermines integrity of the process’ The Indian Express
16 Nov 2016 Global Beverages votes out Cyrus Mistry as chairman Deccan Chronicle
15 Nov 2016 Ratan Tata-Cyrus Mistry spat: Independent directors hold the key as battle escalates FirstPost
15 Nov 2016 'Ind directors must be free to exercise their judgement' Business Standard
14 Nov 2016 Sebi increases vigil as Tata-Mistry battle escalates DNA
14 Nov 2016 Tata Group to sack ex-chairman for slump in share price The News
14 Nov 2016 HDFC Life-Max Life merger hits regulatory block The Times of India
14 Nov 2016 Tata boardroom battle: Autonomy of independent directors comes into question Hindustan Times
14 Nov 2016 SEBI Steps Up Scrutiny As Tata-Mistry Feud Escalates Bloomberg Quint
14 Nov 2016 'Corporate governance is not just about compliance' Forbes India
14 Nov 2016 Independent directors hard to come by on boards of central PSEs Hindustan Times
14 Nov 2016 Key week for Tata tussle as Mistry faces Tata Motors board The Economic Times
14 Nov 2016 Key week for Tata tussle as Mistry faces Tata Motors board The Economic Times
14 Nov 2016 Sebi increases vigil as Tata-Mistry battle escalates DNA
14 Nov 2016 Sebi Steps Up Scrutiny As Tata-Mistry Feud Escalates NDTV Profit
13 Nov 2016 Incorrect to say Tata Group firms drifting away from promoters: Mistry’s office The Hindu
13 Nov 2016 Tatas, Mistry's back and forth distraction from core issue: IiAS Deccan Chronicle
12 Nov 2016 IiAS seeks structural changes in Tata group Business Standard
12 Nov 2016 Root cause of Tata group conflict is its structure itself: IiAS Live Mint
12 Nov 2016 Finally, Tata Sons steels a victory over Cyrus Mistry ET Energy Worls
12 Nov 2016 Tatas hit back, ask three group companies to sack Nusli Wadia The Times of India
12 Nov 2016 With Nusli Wadia firmly backing Mistry, Tatas send notice for his ouster The News Minute
11 Nov 2016 Tata Sons moves to oust Mistry from all group companies’ boards The Times of India
11 Nov 2016 Tata Sons doled out hefty dividends even as profit fell The Hindu
11 Nov 2016 Mistry bust-up threatens investor trust in Tata Financial Times
10 Nov 2016 Tata Sons escalates war with Cyrus Mistry, says trust betrayed Live Mint
10 Nov 2016 Unfinished business India Today
09 Nov 2016 How corporate governance has become complicated Business Line
09 Nov 2016 Proxy firms to Independent directors: ‘Provide clear stance on Cyrus Mistry’s future to Tata shareholders’ The Indian Express
09 Nov 2016 Is trust deficit widening on Tatas’ narrative on Cyrus Mistry? Live Mint
09 Nov 2016 Tata row to hit firms, says IiAS The Asian Age
09 Nov 2016 Will Wadia back Mistry? The Hindu
08 Nov 2016 Ratan Tata’s return tarnishes aura of India’s legendary dynasty The Financial Express
08 Nov 2016 Tata Vs Cyrus Mistry: Risks faced by Tata Group Hindustan Times
08 Nov 2016 Why the Tata-Mistry row may make boards of group firms ‘dysfunctional’ VCCircle
08 Nov 2016 Tata independent directors’ roles come under a cloud The Hindu
08 Nov 2016 Boards of listed Tata firms could become dysfunctional: IiAS Live Mint
08 Nov 2016 Governance firm echoes warning, says Tata boards may get dysfunctional Business Standard
08 Nov 2016 With three rebuffs, Cyrus Mistry took two years to appoint MD for Tata Motors The Economic Times
08 Nov 2016 Tata boardroom battle: Spat raises pertinent questions The Indian Express
08 Nov 2016 Tata Group: Game of Thrones MoneyLife
08 Nov 2016 Independent Tata directors must give guidance: IiAS Money Control
08 Nov 2016 Tussle between Tata Sons and Mistry may make group boards dysfunctional, says IiAS The Economic Times
07 Nov 2016 Tata Group firms’ independent directors left in the dark on Cyrus Mistry ouster Live Mint
07 Nov 2016 Two weeks on, it is clear that getting rid of Cyrus Mistry is not going to be easy for the Tatas Quartz
01 Nov 2016 BREAKINGVIEWS-Shenanigans at Tata taint India's governance wins Reuters
01 Nov 2016 Cyrus Mistry’s ouster: Proxy firms ask Tata group to make more disclosures The Indian Express
29 Oct 2016 Cyrus Mistry exit: Four questions that Tatas need to answer Business Standard
29 Oct 2016 Cyrus Mistry first Tata chairman who didn't head the Trusts The Economic Times
29 Oct 2016 Silence is no longer an option, says Tata-funded IiAS Business Standard
29 Oct 2016 Flip-flop on SeaRock, Pierre Business Standard
29 Oct 2016 Role of independent directors in focus The Times of India
28 Oct 2016 Shareholder proxy firm says Tatas need to provide clarity to stakeholders' queries The Times of India
28 Oct 2016 Tata group needs to be more forthcoming about the recent developments, says proxy advisor IiAS MoneyLife
28 Oct 2016 Looking to restore calm, Tatas signal it’s business as usual Business Line
28 Oct 2016 Stakeholders bewildered at developments at Tata group: IiAS Business Standard
28 Oct 2016 ‘Tata Sons board has failed to recognise need to communicate’ Business Line
28 Oct 2016 Cyrus Mistry has damaged the group's image in the eyes of 6 lakh-plus employees: Tata The Economic Times
28 Oct 2016 Tata Group strikes back at Cyrus Mistry, accuses him of departing from ‘culture of group’ The Financial Express
27 Oct 2016 “Ratan Tata Shouldn’t Be Holier Than Thou” Says Governance Advisory Firm Founder Anil Singhvi Bloomberg Quint
27 Oct 2016 Singhvi on why there's a case for class action suit against Tata Money Control
27 Oct 2016 Tatas dismiss Mistry’s charges as ‘unsubstantiated, malicious’ Business Line
27 Oct 2016 Tata and Cyrus Mistry go toe to toe over his dismissal Financial Times
25 Oct 2016 Long-serving independent directors may just be biased Hindustan Times
24 Oct 2016 Overhaul SBI Act to suit modern needs, says proxy advisory Business Line
22 Oct 2016 Infosys says it has nothing to hide on severance pay to former CFO Rajiv Bansal The EconomicTimes
20 Oct 2016 Question merger of Aditya Birla's financial services arm with Grasim: IiAS The EconomicTimes
17 Oct 2016 Non-compete fee: The debate goes on Business Standard
16 Oct 2016 Non-compete fee: The debate goes on Business Standard
14 Oct 2016 Former Infosys executive DN Prahlad inducted as independent director The Hindu Business Line
28 Sep 2016 Amit Tandon: Rethinking the role of stakeholder relationship committee Business Standard
28 Sep 2016 Nod to Max Financial for Rs 850 cr non-compete fee despite Amfi opposition The Indian Express
27 Sep 2016 Max Life shareholders approve non-compete fee to promoters: Srcs Money Control
26 Sep 2016 BRICS countries plan to set up new credit rating agency Live Mint
23 Sep 2016 Proxy advisory firms see red over L&T issuing stock to top management Business Standard
23 Sep 2016 Non-compete fee must be divided among all Max shareholders: Ican Money Control
23 Sep 2016 Non-compete fee is medieval; Sebi should end it The Economic Times
23 Sep 2016 Non-compete fee is medieval; Sebi should end it The Economic Times
22 Sep 2016 IRDA Frowns On Plan To Set Up LIC-Led Credit Guarantee Fund Bloomberg Quint
22 Sep 2016 L&T stock options: ‘serving one’s own cause too’, says IiAS Business Line
22 Sep 2016 From yes-man to coach, companies turn to non-executive chairmen to tide over difficult times The Economic Times
22 Sep 2016 Now, AMFI cries foul of non-compete fee in HDFC Life-Max deal MoneyLife
19 Sep 2016 Companies turn to professionals in search for women directors Hindustan Times
17 Sep 2016 Max Life deal non-compete fee: Advisory firms see red The Times of India
15 Sep 2016 If Shareholders Oppose Non-Compete Fee, Will The HDFC Life-Max Life Merger Be Renegotiated? Bloomberg Quint
14 Sep 2016 IiAS urges shareholders to vote down Max Fin’s ?850-cr promoters payout Business Line
13 Sep 2016 Pay bonanza for promoters and top managers Business Standard
13 Sep 2016 Cairn India shareholders clear merger with Vedanta Live Mint
12 Sep 2016 Proxy advisory cos against Cairn-Vedanta merger The Times of India
12 Sep 2016 Professional CEOs got better raises than promoters last year Hindustan Times
12 Sep 2016 Reliance Capital: Demerger of commercial finance biz right step Business Standard
09 Sep 2016 Cairn, Vedanta get LIC backing for merger Live Mint
06 Sep 2016 Past returns don’t justify a wrong Birla merger Breakingviews
31 Aug 2016 Proxy advisory firm IiAS backs Cairn-Vedanta merger The Financial Express
31 Aug 2016 Cairn-Vedanta merger: Proxy advisory firm recommends shareholders to vote in favour ET Energy World
23 Aug 2016 Grasim-Aditya Birla Nuvo merger: Difficult to remove cross linkages MoneyLife
23 Aug 2016 Grasim-Nuvo merger helps promoters shore up holding Business Standard
22 Aug 2016 Birla Merger Would Dilute Minority Investors, Proxy Adviser Says Bloomberg
18 Aug 2016 SBI merger: Share swap aims to please Business Line
16 Aug 2016 LIC, Aberdeen hold key to Nuvo-Grasim merger Business Standard
11 Aug 2016 HDFC-Max deal: Proxy firms question non-compete fee Business Standard
09 Aug 2016 HDFC Life Insurance, Max Life seal three-step merger deal Live Mint
03 Aug 2016 Market Watchdog Sees India Rivaling U.K. for Investor Protection Bloomberg
26 Jul 2016 Ricoh India audit panel to be sacked? EGM called The Financial Express
25 Jul 2016 How investors stand to benefit from dividend payout policy The Economic Times
23 Jul 2016 Small investors get active in Ricoh India, seek EGM The Asian Age
22 Jul 2016 Lessons from Ricoh India episode Business Line
22 Jul 2016 Ricoh India case: Why Indian corporates should listen MoneyLife
21 Jul 2016 Bank recapitalisation stares at Sebi hurdles Business Standard
12 Jul 2016 Indian firms most transparent among emerging market peers Live Mint
11 Jul 2016 Shareholder activists blast Diageo for Mallya flip-flop The Times of India
29 Jun 2016 PTL demerger: Proxy advisors do not see any negatives Business Line
28 Jun 2016 Investors reject IDFC move to lower Esop price The Times of India
25 Jun 2016 IDFC's plan to re-price Esops draws proxy ire Business Standard
24 Jun 2016 IDFC to reprice unvested Esops lower The Times of India
22 Jun 2016 Concerns over rising fraud cases in Corporation Bank Business Standard
22 Jun 2016 CARE, Crisil may face Sebi action in Amtek Auto case Live Mint
17 Jun 2016 Old in a new bottle: Why over 50 companies changed name this year The Economic Times
09 Jun 2016 Have Indian firms really become more generous with dividends? Live Mint
31 May 2016 ‘Cummins India arm soon to be a marketing unit’ The Indian Express
31 May 2016 Proxy firms question Infy's severance package to ex-CFO Business Standard
30 May 2016 Cummins’ Daman move: IiAS raises concern Business Line
24 May 2016 Sebi might conduct forensic audit of Ricoh India accounts Business Standard
19 May 2016 Vijay Mallya on three-month watch at Bayer CropScience The Economic Times
16 May 2016 PSBs: A capital question Outlook Money
16 May 2016 Sebi planning to tighten listing norms Live Mint
16 May 2016 Vishal Sikka kicks in big salary spikes at Infosys The Economic Times
09 May 2016 Amit Tandon: Prepare to 'unfriend' promoters Business Standard
28 Apr 2016 Vedanta’s THL Zinc seeks rollover of $1.25 billion inter-company loan Live Mint
19 Apr 2016 Mallya’s Offer to Banks: Discretion is the Better Part of Valour The Quint
18 Apr 2016 Indian court issues arrest warrant for Vijay Mallya Financial Times
14 Apr 2016 Bankers prefer more disclosures on bad loans Business Standard
14 Apr 2016 Amit Tandon: Directors as change agents Business Standard
12 Apr 2016 Top PSUs have no woman on board Business Line
12 Apr 2016 Directors of over 1,000 listed companies have links to wilful defaulters Live Mint
08 Apr 2016 Vijay Mallya needs to give up USL perks to access $40 million payout from Diageo The Economic Times
07 Apr 2016 Are Infosys founders not happy with Vishal Sikka? Live Mint
06 Apr 2016 Capital infusion to hit Sebi wall
06 Apr 2016 Sebi, govt norms may decolour Indradhanush Business Standard
06 Apr 2016 For PSU banks, raising much-needed ?1.1-lakh cr could be tough task: IiAS Business Line
25 Mar 2016 Test for corporate governance Telegraph
23 Mar 2016 Proxy advisory firms take on Infosys over board appointment Live Mint
23 Mar 2016 Infosys responds to concerns raised on key resolutions up for vote Business Line
23 Mar 2016 Infosys in the dock over corporate ethics International Business Times
23 Mar 2016 Infosys battles proxy advisory firms on board member re-appointment, employee stock incentive plan The Economic Times
23 Mar 2016 Infy board takes on proxy firms, defends its proposals Business Standard
15 Mar 2016 Amit Tandon: Why listing of PSUs won't be easy Business Standard
14 Mar 2016 Diageo may bear brunt of Sebi queries on Vijay Mallya deal The Economic Times
14 Mar 2016 Maran wants SpiceJet warrant issuance against past loans Business Standard
11 Mar 2016 Globe trotting Vijay Mallya denies fleeing debts in India Financial Times
10 Mar 2016 Why only Mallya? Live Mint
09 Mar 2016 Can USL get its mojo back after Mallya's resignation? Business Today
07 Mar 2016 Suzuki to raise $1.8 billion for India expansion: Report International Business Times
29 Feb 2016 Vijay Mallya’s USL exit a wakeup call for independent directors The Economic Times
27 Feb 2016 Terms of exit suggest Diageo, USL wanted clean break from Vijay Mallya ET BrandEquity
27 Feb 2016 Investors slam $75m exit deal for Mallya The Times Of India
27 Feb 2016 Vijay Mallya’s $75 million United Spirits exit deal faces Sebi scrutiny Live Mint
27 Feb 2016 Besides Rs 515 crore, Vijay Mallya lands a property deal from Diageo for leaving USL The Economic Times
27 Feb 2016 Shareholders Must Pull up Diageo Board for Inability to Break Mallya Hold The Indian Express
26 Feb 2016 USL Breaks Away From Mallya… The Firm
26 Feb 2016 Mallya Issue: Should Hold Diageo Board Accountable, Says Proxy Advisory Firm NDTV Profit
26 Feb 2016 Mallya issue: 'Diageo board should be made accountable' The Asian Age
26 Feb 2016 Mallya issue: 'Diageo board should be made accountable' Deccan Chronicle
26 Feb 2016 Mallya issue: 'Diageo board should be made accountable' Business Standard
26 Feb 2016 Sebi seeks details about the agreement between Vijay Mallya, United Spirits Ltd and Diageo The Economic Times
26 Feb 2016 Vijay Mallya issue: 'Diageo board should be made accountable' The Economic Times
26 Feb 2016 Mallya issue: 'Diageo board should be made accountable' Moneycontrol
26 Feb 2016 Terms of exit suggest Diageo & USL wanted clean break from Vijay Mallya The Economic Times
26 Feb 2016 Mallya resigns from USL; indicates amicable pact with Diageo Moneycontrol
26 Feb 2016 Mallya-USL deal under SEBI lens Business Line
25 Feb 2016 Diageo pays $75m to Vijay Mallya to step down from United Spirits Financial Times
24 Feb 2016 Case-Study Evidence of Shareholder Activism IndiaCorpLaw
19 Feb 2016 Sebi under UK Sinha Live Mint
19 Feb 2016 Royalties paid by Indian arms of MNCs up 10% in FY15 IIFL
19 Feb 2016 Maruti Wows Car Buyers, But Investors Dump Shares NDTV Profit
19 Feb 2016 Royalty outgo of Indian units of 32 MNCs up 10% to Rs6,300 crore in FY15Royalty outgo of Indian units of 32 MNCs up 10% to Rs6,300 crore in FY15 Live Mint
18 Feb 2016 Proxy advisory questions payment of royalties by local subsidiaries of MNCs Business Line
18 Feb 2016 32 Listed Companies Paid Rs 6,300 Crore Royalty in FY15: Report NDTV Profit
18 Feb 2016 High MNC royalty payouts remain a concern, says governance firm Business Standard
18 Feb 2016 32 listed cos paid Rs 6,300 cr royalty in FY15 The Economic Times
18 Feb 2016 Royalty payout by 32 MNCs jumps 20% to Rs 6,300 crore
18 Feb 2016 Amit Tandon: Putting principles into practice Business Standard
18 Feb 2016 32 listed cos paid Rs 6,300 crore royalty in FY15 Moneycontrol
18 Feb 2016 32 listed companies paid Rs 6,300 cr royalty in FY15 Zee News
18 Feb 2016 Growth in royalty payments outpaces profit growth of 32 MNCs, says IiAS Business Standard
18 Feb 2016 Nifty ends at 7192, Sensex up 267 pts; Dr Reddy up 4% Moneycontrol
17 Feb 2016 Partners spar in Dalmia arm ahead of KKR exit Business Standard
15 Feb 2016 What PEs want from investee firms Business Standard
07 Feb 2016 PSUs dilute the seriousness of governance agenda: Hetal Dalal Business Standard
02 Feb 2016 Indian shareholders becoming more assertive: IiAS The Economic Times
02 Feb 2016 The green investor: Navneet Munot Forbes India
02 Feb 2016 Sebi plans tame penalties for those violating listing rules Live Mint
27 Jan 2016 Dil Maange Rs 200 bn More Dividends? The Firm
20 Jan 2016 Why India Inc's boards can't ignore social media Business Standard
20 Jan 2016 73 firms have reserves to double dividend The Asian Age
20 Jan 2016 73 of S&P BSE 500 Firms Can Pay Rs 20,000-Cr More Dividend: Report NDTV Profit
19 Jan 2016 HUL’s cash return scheme could trigger a trend Live Mint
19 Jan 2016 Rewarding times for investors? Business Standard
19 Jan 2016 Demand dividend when there is excess cash, investor advisory tells shareholders Business Line
19 Jan 2016 Around 77 of top 500 companies may double their dividends: IiAS study Business Insider
19 Jan 2016 About 77 of top 500 companies may double their dividends: IiAS study The Economic Times
19 Jan 2016 73 companies can pay over Rs 200 billion more in dividends The Times Of India
18 Jan 2016 CSR in India: A long way to go Bureaucracy Today
15 Jan 2016 Sebi plans additional checks for rating firms Live Mint
13 Jan 2016 Why do MPs want to know how CSR funds are being spent? Live Mint
13 Jan 2016 Did you know CSR is voluntary despite being mandatory? Firstpost
12 Jan 2016 Advisory firm asks shareholders of IHCL to vote against resolutions Business Standard
10 Jan 2016 Mandating CSR spending won't help Business Standard
06 Jan 2016 News in numbers | Lafarge plans to sell all assets and exit India Live Mint
06 Jan 2016 Top 100 cos have a yen for CSR The Hindu
05 Jan 2016 Top 100 cos spent Rs 5,240 crore on CSR activities in FY15: Study The Economic Times
05 Jan 2016 Kotak buys 10% stake in Anil Singhvi's proxy advisory firm IiAS VCCircle
05 Jan 2016 CSR spending of BSE 100 companies up 75 per cent in 2014/15: IiAS Business Today
05 Jan 2016 Indian companies' CSR spend lower than prescribed limit on in FY 2015: IiAS The Economic Times
05 Jan 2016 India Inc takes to social causes Business Standard
02 Jan 2016 Kotak Bank buys 10% stake in IiAS The Times Of India
02 Jan 2016 Kotak Bank acquires 9.99% stake in IiAS Live Mint
29 Dec 2015 2015 was a multi record-breaking year for IPOs in India Quartz
27 Dec 2015 Shareholders, companies need to match steps Business Standard
25 Dec 2015 In 2016, public shareholders can demand better corporate governance from companies The Economic Times
18 Dec 2015 Advisory firms also claim victory in Maruti unit case Business Standard
18 Dec 2015 Shareholders' nod to let Suzuki set up first Indian unit Business Standard
18 Dec 2015 Maruti wins shareholder nod for Gujarat plant pact Live Mint
17 Dec 2015 A test case on activism The Hindu's Business Line
15 Dec 2015 Maruti Suzuki India's minority shareholders vote on Gujarat plant ends Economic Times
14 Dec 2015 India’s corporate boards still ignore hiring mandates in favour of nepotism
11 Dec 2015 Domestic mutual funds oppose proposal to set up Suzuki plant in Gujarat The Economic Times
11 Dec 2015 Defaults on rated debt instruments growing at a faster rate this year Live Mint
11 Dec 2015 Watch out for Maruti! Domestic MFs oppose proposal to set up Suzuki plant in Gujarat IIFL
10 Dec 2015 Crompton Greaves' Demerger: SEBI's Dilemma The Firm
10 Dec 2015 IiAS raises queries on offer price post demerger Business Standard
10 Dec 2015 India’s corporate boards still ignore hiring mandates in favour of nepotism Quartz India
10 Dec 2015 Crompton Greaves: ‘SEBI should specify guidelines on open offer valuation’ Business Line
09 Dec 2015 Investors await Maruti Suzuki voting outcome' Business Standard
04 Dec 2015 Firms follow regulations only on paper The Asianage
02 Dec 2015 Institutional Shareholder Services changes stand, backs Maruti Gujarat plant project Live Mint
27 Nov 2015 International proxy firm Glass Lewis supports Maruti Suzuki's Gujarat plan The Economic Times
27 Nov 2015 Why Maruti's shareholders have a job on their hands DailyO
27 Nov 2015 Suzuki vs Suzuki: Automaker plans foray onto Maruti turf ETAuto.Com
26 Nov 2015 Iias claims are emotional, lacks reasoning: Bhargava Business Standard
26 Nov 2015 Suzuki aims to take some Maruti turf in India The Japan Times
26 Nov 2015 Suzuki vs Suzuki: Automaker Plans Foray Onto Maruti Turf Bloomberg Business
25 Nov 2015 Maruti investor views vary over Suzuki Gujarat plant plans Just Auto
25 Nov 2015 IiAS urges Maruti shareholders to vote against Guj plant Money Control
25 Nov 2015 IIAS, Maruti Suzuki in war of words over proposed Gujarat plant Live Mint
24 Nov 2015 Maruti hits back at IiAS, says will have control over Gujarat plant India Today
24 Nov 2015 Sensex rangebound; Nifty holds 7,800 in aimless trade; Pfizer surges 6%, Hindalco down 3% The Economic Times
24 Nov 2015 Maruti Suzuki: An open letter to the shareholders from IiAS Money Life
24 Nov 2015 Suzuki trying to assert its control over Maruti, says IiAS Money Control
24 Nov 2015 SES backs Maruti’s contract manufacturing plan with Suzuki ETAuto.Com
24 Nov 2015 Proxy advisories split over Suzuki’s Gujarat plant Business Line
24 Nov 2015 IiAS tells Maruti's institutional holders to oppose Suzukis's proposed Gujarat plant The Economic Times
24 Nov 2015 Maruti Suzuki rejects advisory firm's view on Gujarat plant India Infoline
24 Nov 2015 Advisory firm tells Maruti's institutional holders to oppose Suzukis's proposed Gujarat plant ETAuto.Com
24 Nov 2015 Will have full control over Gujarat plant: Maruti Business Standard
24 Nov 2015 Maruti rebuts proxy advisory firm’s call to vote against Gujarat plant The Indian Express
24 Nov 2015 Maruti hits back at advisory firm, says will have control over Gujarat plant Business Today
23 Nov 2015 Maruti Suzuki Hits Back at Advisory Firm IiAS on Gujarat Plant NDTV Profit
20 Nov 2015 What AGM timing says about a company’s return ratios Live Mint
19 Nov 2015 Companies that delay AGMs fare badly: Report Business Standard
19 Nov 2015 Loss-making companies delay AGMs till Sept., shows study The Hindu
19 Nov 2015 Companies delaying AGMs give poor return on equity The Economic Times
16 Nov 2015 Maruti's Gujarat plant may face opposition
09 Nov 2015 Essar Oil rises 10% on Sebi order to promoters Business Standard
05 Nov 2015 IPO documents may have to state dividend policy Business Standard
29 Oct 2015 Indian units of MNCs paying high royalty to parents, says report Live Mint
27 Oct 2015 Column: MNCs in India – Breeding corporate royalty The Financial Express
27 Oct 2015 Institutional investors assert presence in Indian companies: Report The Economic Times
27 Oct 2015 Column: Suzuki’s is a fair royalty play The Financial Express
24 Oct 2015 Maruti’s R&D to help cut royalty rates to 4% The Financial Express
23 Oct 2015 Editorial: Valuing royalty The Financial Express
23 Oct 2015 Maruti’s royalty payments to Suzuki are “extortive”: Report The Siasat Daily
23 Oct 2015 Maruti’s royalty payments to Suzuki are “extortive”: Report The Siasat Daily
21 Oct 2015 Maruti's royalty payment to Suzuki has increased over six times in past 15 years CarTrade
21 Oct 2015 Maruti: royalty payout raises eyebrows Business Line
21 Oct 2015 News in Numbers: Bharti Airtel raises $1.7 billion by selling 8,300 towers in Africa Live Mint
20 Oct 2015 Maruti’s royalty payouts to Suzuki ‘extortive’, says report The Hindu
20 Oct 2015 Maruti's royalty payment to Suzuki rises 6.6 times in 15 years Business Standard
20 Oct 2015 Maruti's royalty payouts to Suzuki are “extortive”, says report MoneyLife
20 Oct 2015 IndiGo in rough weather over payout to promoters Business Standard
20 Oct 2015 Maruti's Royalty Payouts to Suzuki Extortive: Advisory Firm NDTV Profit
20 Oct 2015 Maruti’s royalty payouts to Suzuki extortive: Report The Financial Express
20 Oct 2015 Maruti's royalty payouts to Suzuki extortive, amount paid increased over 6 times per car sold over past 15 years: Report The Economic Times
20 Oct 2015 Maruti's royalty payouts to Suzuki extortive: Report Rediff.Com
14 Oct 2015 Sebi calls for alternative action for rating suspension Live Mint
30 Sep 2015 Igarashi Motors: Running Over Minority Shareholders? The Firm
29 Sep 2015 Igarashi Motors: When promoters defeated 74% non-promoter shareholders Moneylife
29 Sep 2015 Tata Steel's deals in Tata Motors under fire Business Standard
15 Sep 2015 Shareholders, institutions aggressively challenge managements; vote against resolutions The Economic Times
14 Sep 2015 Street Food: Why Coal India sale, too, might need LIC help Business Standard
13 Sep 2015 Elephant in the boardroom Business Standard
10 Sep 2015 Shareholders have a good case against Castex: IIAS Money Control
10 Sep 2015 ‘Companies, shareholders must find common ground on exit strategies’ The Financial Express
09 Sep 2015 Bosch firm squeezes minority holders Business Standard
09 Sep 2015 Lessons From Bosch Chassis Systems The Firm
01 Sep 2015 PwC India finally brings the curtain down on Satyam Business Standard
30 Aug 2015 Sale to Godrej: why are Astec promoters settling for discounted price. Business Line
27 Aug 2015 PSUs not following rules around appointing independent directors: Report The Economic Times
24 Aug 2015 Amtek unit bondholders look to move UK courts Live Mint
24 Aug 2015 Esops make Gurnani best-paid India Inc CEO Business Standard
21 Aug 2015 IiAS tells Coal India to appoint independent directors Business Standard
21 Aug 2015 The better corporation Live Mint
20 Aug 2015 Coal India yet to name independent directors Live Mint
19 Aug 2015 Birla Corp worked backward to ward off challenges Business Standard
19 Aug 2015 How promoters are taking lion's share of companies' wage bill The Economic Times
18 Aug 2015 At BASF, a woman alternative turns heads, raises eyebrows Business Standard
16 Aug 2015 India Inc.'s generous serving of dividends feeds its own needs Business Today
12 Aug 2015 Related Party Transaction: 6 things investors should watch out for MoneyLife
12 Aug 2015 Corporate Governance violations: PSUs more equal than private peers? The Economic Times
12 Aug 2015 IiAS slams vague resolutions on Related Party deals Business Standard
11 Aug 2015 IiAS says Indian companies need to respect shareholders more RTN.Asia
11 Aug 2015 Why Institutional Investors Duck Governance Issues Business Outlook
11 Aug 2015 RPTs: Taking Shareholders For Granted? The Firm
06 Aug 2015 Sebi to align governance norms with Cos Act Business Standard
03 Aug 2015 India Inc's inheritors India Today
29 Jul 2015 Are our CEOs overpaid? Business Today
27 Jul 2015 Fast & Furious $6 Billion Outlook Business
11 Jul 2015 Government asks Sebi to tweak rules on related party transactions to make it at par with Companies Act 2013 The Economic Times
10 Jul 2015 Experts ask Sebi to stand its ground on related party transactions to protect minority shareholders The Economic Times
10 Jul 2015 Sebi should not dilute RPT norms, says IiAS Business Standard
09 Jul 2015 IiAS wants Sebi not to align norms with Companies Act Live Mint
09 Jul 2015 India Inc takes baby steps to break the Glass Ceiling Business Today
09 Jul 2015 Proxy firms divided over Indiabulls' preferential allotment Business Standard
09 Jul 2015 Proxy Firms Lead Changein Governance Framework Business Standard
08 Jul 2015 Appoint women directors, Sebi tells Govt Business Standard
07 Jul 2015 YES Bank's Independent Directors Must Learn To Say NO The Firm
16 Jun 2015 Have Cairn Shareholders Got a Raw Deal from Vedanta? Analysts Divided NDTV Profit
16 Jun 2015 The analysts’ opinion on Cairn-Vedanta merger Live Mint
15 Jun 2015 LIC, Cairn Energy hold key to Vedanta deal
15 Jun 2015 Cairn-Vedanta merger makes sense, but not a done deal yet Forbes
15 Jun 2015 Cash-rich Cairn to merge with debt-laden Vedanta The Financial Express
15 Jun 2015 Vedanta-Cairn merger: Fair, but deal dynamics could change, says IiAS The Economic Times
15 Jun 2015 Vedanta-Cairn Merger Faces Potential Obstacles From Shareholders LIC, Cairn Energy The Huffington Post
14 Jun 2015 Vedanta Resources confirms controversial Cairn India merger plans Financial Times
12 Jun 2015 Vedanta-Cairn merger could be a test of minority shareholders strength Business Standard
11 Jun 2015 Cairn, Vedanta hit by oil cycle; merger won't help cos:IiAS Money Control
08 Jun 2015 800 listed firms changed names since 2008 bull run Business Standard
27 May 2015 Punj Lloyd seeks Rs3,000 cr more to boost credit lines The Indian Express
26 May 2015 Framework to define 'ordinary course of business': IiAS Report Business Today
11 May 2015 Shailesh Dobhal: The argumentative India Inc Business Standard
08 May 2015 The beginning of the endgame for Vijay Mallya? Live Mint
30 Apr 2015 S Kumar’s retail investors do a U-turn on Kasliwal’s ouster Live Mint
29 Apr 2015 VIJAY MALLYA-DIAGEO ROW - The Strangest of Brews The Economic Times
29 Apr 2015 No solution for troubled SKumars Nationwide in EGM - IiAS Business Today
29 Apr 2015 (Un)official Minutes of S. Kumars EGM The Firm
29 Apr 2015 S Kumar's investors withdraw resolutions to oust Kasliwal Business Standard
29 Apr 2015 S Kumar’s investors withdraw demand for ousting Kasliwal Business Line
28 Apr 2015 Mallya Must Quit USL, But Diageo, PwC Cannot Escape Scrutiny, Says IiAS NDTV Profit
28 Apr 2015 Advisory firms call into question auditors’ role in USL fallout Indian Express
28 Apr 2015 Diageo is not a victim, says IiAS Deccan Chronicle
28 Apr 2015 SKNL shareholders settle for 4 new directors, Kasliwal stays The Financial Express
28 Apr 2015 Investor association questions Diageo's conduct on USL fund diversion Business Standard
27 Apr 2015 USL showdown: Long-drawn battle ahead for Vijay Mallya Financial Express
27 Apr 2015 Mallya Must Step Down The Firm
27 Apr 2015 Diageo to review United Spirits deal with Vijay Mallya Live Mint
27 Apr 2015 Why Diageo has itself to blame for the USL-Mallya fiasco Business Standard
27 Apr 2015 S Kumars says scheme of restructuring filed with Bombay HC Live Mint
26 Apr 2015 Mallya Battles Diageo India Unit Move to Oust Him From Board Bloomberg Business
25 Apr 2015 United Spirits directors tell Vijay Mallya to resign from board Live Mint
23 Apr 2015 P.A. Murali resigns as United Spirits CFO Live Mint
22 Apr 2015 "There is nothing much to be read into it," says Wipro on Rishad's elevation DNA
21 Apr 2015 New year resolution: Sebi plans focus on disclosure regime Business Standard
21 Apr 2015 Rishad Premji's appointment represents shareholder interest: TK Kurien The Economic Times
20 Apr 2015 Lenders should take charge of S Kumars, says IiAS Report Business Today
17 Apr 2015 ‘Lenders must step in to steer S Kumars ’ The Financial Express
17 Apr 2015 Rolta should allow independent agency to look into nos:IIAS Money Control
17 Apr 2015 S Kumars plans to move court to stall shareholders' EGM Business Standard
16 Apr 2015 S. Kumars Nationwide now leaderless, banks need to take charge: IiAS Live Mint
16 Apr 2015 S. Kumar: Banks Need To Lead The Firm
12 Apr 2015 Choose listed companies over new offerings Business Standard
09 Apr 2015 Six years for a self-confessesd crime is a long wait: Pros Money Control
09 Apr 2015 Bhupesh Bhandari: Learning from Aamir Khan Business Standard
09 Apr 2015 'Women dirs: Sebi move against erring cos a good first step' Business Standard
09 Apr 2015 Finally, 'Satyam' prevails The Hindu
08 Apr 2015 Women directors: Erring companies to face minimum Rs 50,000 fine Deccan Chronicle
08 Apr 2015 Renuka Ramnath joins Institutional Investor Advisory Services India board Economic Times
08 Apr 2015 Fixed deposits would have given more to investors than most Indian IPOs in the last decade Quartz
08 Apr 2015 Renuka Ramnath joins IiAS board Business Standard
07 Apr 2015 Nearly 60% IPO investors in past decade lost money: IiAS Report Business Today
07 Apr 2015 Most IPO Investors Lost Money; Valuations Far From 'Fair': Study Silicon India
07 Apr 2015 The anaemic IPO market Live Mint
07 Apr 2015 Most IPO investors lost money; valuations far from ‘fair': Study Financial Express
06 Apr 2015 Most IPO investors lost money; valuations far from 'fair' Economic Times
06 Apr 2015 IPO mart falls off investor radar
06 Apr 2015 Heavyweights keen to follow women director rule in spirit Business Standard
06 Apr 2015 Get ready to face the music, Sebi tells India Inc MoneyControl
06 Apr 2015 Most IPO investors lost money; valuations far from 'fair' Business Standard
06 Apr 2015 Investors would have been better off with fixed deposits than IPOs: study Business Line
05 Apr 2015 Women Directors: Sebi Action Likely Against Errant Firms, Says Report NDTV Profit
02 Apr 2015 189 NSE firms fail to get women on board as Sebi deadline passes The Financial Express
02 Apr 2015 Listed cos need to have at least independent woman dir: IiAS Business Standard
01 Apr 2015 Flipkart plans to raise $5 b via IPO in US Business Line
01 Apr 2015 More companies get women directors; non-compliant ones to face music Economic Times
01 Apr 2015 1,500 companies fail to get women on board, to face Sebi action Asian Age
01 Apr 2015 More cos get women directors; non-compliant ones to face music Techstory
27 Mar 2015 Sebi looks into complaints related to e-voting facility Business Standard
17 Mar 2015 Indian Hotels' Shareholders Approve 18-Cr Package for MD The EconomicTimes
15 Mar 2015 Unlocking Value Business India
09 Mar 2015 Will an outsider succeed Roopa Kudva at CRISIL? Business Today
08 Mar 2015 Firms rush to fill boardroom slots for women Live Mint
06 Mar 2015 India’s money managers are no longer rubber stamps Gulf News
05 Mar 2015 Funds Learn to Say No as Boardrooms Challenged: Corporate India Bloomberg
28 Feb 2015 Union Budget will change economic growth trajectory Business Today
26 Feb 2015 Sebi mulls optional convertible debentures in place of shares to help retail investors exit if price dips The Economic Times
24 Feb 2015 IiAS for Sarna’s Appointment as IHC MD The Economic Times
20 Feb 2015 Crompton plan a relief for minority investors Business Standard
19 Feb 2015 India Inc is on the cusp of restructuring, say experts Business Standard
18 Feb 2015 India Inc's fondness for delayed AGMs grows Business Standard
18 Feb 2015 Delayed AGMs may be indicators of bad news The Economic Times
18 Feb 2015 57% loss making companies on BSE 500 held AGMs in September MoneyLife
30 Jan 2015 Investors turn active participants at AGMs The Asian Age
29 Jan 2015 Minority shareholders’ rights need to be safeguarded The Economic Times
24 Jan 2015 Proxy advisory firm wants shareholders to reject Siemens' pay hike proposal The Economic Times
22 Jan 2015 Sebi eases delisting hurdle Business Standard
22 Jan 2015 Tata Motors get shareholders' nod for ED salaries Business Standard
22 Jan 2015 Tata Motors shareholders approve remuneration proposals Live Mint
21 Jan 2015 Will Siemens India Please Learn?! The Firm
19 Jan 2015 Independent valuations: A problem without a solution Business Standard
12 Jan 2015 Cairn & HZL merger into Sesa: Is this the right time? Moneycontrol
12 Jan 2015 Tata Motors pay proposal for top executives faces resistance again Live Mint
11 Jan 2015 Capital allocation—an ignored factor in corporate governance Live Mint
10 Jan 2015 IiAS, Ingovern support Wipro offer Business Standard
09 Jan 2015 THE LITTLE BIG Financial Chronicle
06 Jan 2015 Suzuki to roll out prototype codenamed YCA in January 2017 The Economic Times
06 Jan 2015 SEBI proposes curbs on wilful defaulters Business Standard
04 Jan 2015 Share holder activism: Miles to go for minority shareholders Business Standard
31 Dec 2014 Job market, education, startups and technology; what to expect in 2015 The Economic Times
30 Dec 2014 Murmurs no longer, shareholder voices get heard in '14 Press Trust of India
30 Dec 2014 Shareholders make their voices heard in 2014 The Economic Times
25 Dec 2014 Indian investors gain clout -- and they're not afraid to use it Asian Review
20 Dec 2014 Companies Act Amendments: Good News For Promoters? The Firm
19 Dec 2014 Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2014 tones down several provisions Business Today
14 Dec 2014 A Sell Recommendation Put This Analyst in Jail The Wall Street Journal
10 Dec 2014 Sebi addresses analysts’ concerns, clarifies regulations Live Mint
08 Dec 2014 Higher royalties, lower dividends The Financial Express
04 Dec 2014 Indian companies facing wave of shareholder activism Financial Times
02 Dec 2014 77 firms in BSE500 can double dividend: IiAS The Asian Age
02 Dec 2014 Manic Monday brings double whammy for Vijay Mallya The Financial Express
01 Dec 2014 USL shareholders want a fair deal: Experts Moneycontrol
01 Dec 2014 Room for paying more dividend by India Inc, say experts Business Standard
29 Nov 2014 Sebi may ask profitable firms to pay dividend to shareholders Live Mint
27 Nov 2014 Long tenure of chairman impacts board independence Live Mint
25 Nov 2014 The advent of shareholder activism in India Live Mint
25 Nov 2014 Vote with caution at EGM, IiAS tells USL shareholders Business Standard
20 Nov 2014 Infosys BPO irregularity on Apple account? The Times Of India
17 Nov 2014 Sebi to outline framework for promoter-to-public reclassification Business Standard
17 Nov 2014 Shareholder activism keeps companies in check The Times Of India
10 Nov 2014 Faster de-listing norms likely this month Business Standard
10 Nov 2014 Maruti Suzuki India: Maruti-Suzuki's plan to set up a car plant in Gujarat OnCars
09 Nov 2014 Some MFs miffed as AMFI kept them in dark on Maruti panel The Fress Press Journal
29 Oct 2014 FTIL may move CLB against govt's board rejig proposal Business Standard
26 Oct 2014 DLF ban: MFs say Sebi should not enforce all its rules on them Business Standard
23 Oct 2014 The empowered investor The Financial Express
23 Oct 2014 Crompton Greaves demerger formula unfair to investors Business Standard
23 Oct 2014 Many listed firms had same auditors for over 10 yrs: IIAS Business Standard
23 Oct 2014 Maruti's Gujarat plant: LIC, MFs say awaiting shareholders meet The Economic Times
15 Oct 2014 DLF loses Rs 7,000 crore mcap, calls begin for its ouster from Nifty The Asian Age
15 Oct 2014 Investors lose Rs 7,300 crore as DLF stock nosedives 29% The Times of India
14 Oct 2014 DLF: Regulatory developments to remain an overhang Business Standard
14 Oct 2014 Should DLF remain a Nifty stock? moneylife
14 Oct 2014 DLF's position in Nifty index under question Business Standard
03 Oct 2014 Minority investors found their voice last quarter Business Standard
01 Oct 2014 Minority interests being ignored: report
27 Sep 2014 India Inc divided on spacing out AGMs Business Standard
26 Sep 2014 IiAS red-flags Panacea Biotec’s diversification, management The Financial Express
21 Sep 2014 The winter of our shareholder discontent Live Mint
20 Sep 2014 Get Mallya off USL board: IiAS Business Standard
20 Sep 2014 IiAS advises USL shareholders to reject Vijay Mallya’s reappointment as director The Financial Express
20 Sep 2014 Noise against Vijay Mallya increases: Firm advises United Spirits to get him off the board dna India
20 Sep 2014 Opposition to Mallya's USL post grows The Times of India
19 Sep 2014 Vijay Mallya shouldn’t be reappointed at United Spirits, says proxy advisory firm Live Mint
19 Sep 2014 Vijay Mallya shouldn't continue on USL board: IiAS moneycontrol
19 Sep 2014 Investor advisory cautions against Mallya’s reappointment Business Line
19 Sep 2014 Vijay Mallya Should Not Continue on United Spirits Board: Proxy Advisory Firm NDTV Profit
16 Sep 2014 Corporate India now needs to reciprocate: IIAS on Clause 49 Business Standard
11 Sep 2014 PTL Enterprises: That Old Sinking feeling! Money Control
11 Sep 2014 Vote against sale of PTL’s hospital business, IiAS tells shareholders The Financial Express
05 Sep 2014 JP Associates stock tanks 35% in 2 days Business Standard
29 Aug 2014 Small guys can punch above their weight Business Standard
21 Aug 2014 Related-party rule dilution panned as anti-investor Business Standard
20 Aug 2014 Sebi may not relax new corporate governance norms Live Mint
20 Aug 2014 OBC, Dena Bank figure in 436 crore FD scam dna india
20 Aug 2014 Sebi may not relax new corporate governance norms Live Mint
19 Aug 2014 Maruti Suzuki to seek minority investors’ nod on Gujarat plant in October Live Mint
16 Aug 2014 The Best & Worst Of Proxy Season 2014! The Firm
13 Aug 2014 LIC takes to shareholder activism, voices concern over Cairn loan to parent Vedanta First Post
09 Aug 2014 IiAS against GMR’s move to issue, allot 180 m warrants to group co The Financial Express
08 Aug 2014 A Very Slippery Business Outlook Business
08 Aug 2014 Indian Hotels made loss, MD got 75% rise in commission in FY14 Business Standard
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02 Jul 2014 IiAS against CIL plan to alter MoA The Financial Express
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15 Mar 2014 Guj plant row: institutional investors forum hails Maruti move Business Standard
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