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Subscriptions help IiAS stay fiercely independent IiAS provides unbiased voting recommendations as well as opinion, research and data on corporate governance issues.

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The IiAS platform now enables users to access notices, IiAS voting recommendations, outcomes of meetings of over 300+ companies. These companies form part of the following indices:

To access IIAS Voting Recommendations, you need to first register as a user on the IiAS platform. In order to do so, please follow the instructions as given below:
1. Register as an IiAS user.
2. You may choose to register as a free user or as a subscriber. The services available to both the set of users is given in the description chart below. Kindly note that you register as a 'free user' by default on registration.
3. If you wish you to subscribe, kindly indicate the number of companies you wish you subscribe to (- includes access to annual general meetings (AGMs), extra-ordinary general (EGMs), postal ballots, court convened meetings (CCMs) and NCLT convened meetings (NCLTs))
4. We currently process payments offline for voting advisory services. Post selection of packages and confirmation (given below), our representative will get in touch with you.
5. On successful completion of the transaction, you may access our voting recommendations for upto one year.

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