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Policy on Communication with Investors, Companies, and Media

As part of its business, employees of Institutional Investors Advisory Services India Limited (IiAS) are required to periodically communicate with companies, investors and media. This policy lays down the basis of IiAS’ communication with such stakeholders, with specific context to its voting advisory services and its engagement services. This policy does not apply to ‘Institutional EYE’ research and bespoke research. Read Policy >>

Review and Oversight Committee

The Review and Oversight Committee (ROC) of the Institutional Investor Advisory Services India Limited (IiAS) has been constituted to oversee the voting recommendations published by IiAS on shareholder resolutions put forward by Indian companies. Read Policy>>

Securities Trading Policy

Institutional Investors Advisory Services India Limited (IiAS) is a proxy advisory firm dedicated to providing market participants with data, research and opinions on corporate governance issues. Our voting advisory reports recommend how investors should vote on shareholder resolutions – these do not carry any buy or sell recommendations. Read Policy >>